Stay on top of your business' Routing Management.

Winapp provides solution for Routing which helps our Customers plan and route their operation. This helps the Customer to plan and manage their business before and giving a plan to the Sales Person to make sure they are ready for the task.
We can also notify the Sales Person of their Current day activity on their EzySales Mobile App. We can also assign the Vehicle, Driver and Route for the transactions happening on the HQ. Our system is also integrated with postal code of Singapore to fetch the address automatically.


Our mobile application will notify the person if there is any pending task or task assigned newly to make sure all the task is done for that day. The person can also request to reschedule the task to the admin in case of any emergency. This helps a lot by avoiding communication gap between the Person and the Admin.


Customers can plan the operation in advance and can reschedule if needed. All the plan will be notified to the respective department to proceed. With planning in advance we can achieve more and can be focused


Our application can track the activity of the employee who has been assigned a task and can make sure that the staff is executing the plan correctly. This is more important to the management to make sure the work is completed on time.


Our Application is more flexible to reschedule the route assigned or planed before. In any emergency case we can re plan and assign the task to another Person available and can complete the task.

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