How many apps are you running today?

Simpler is better… and faster! Most businesses are getting in their own way by running multiple, disconnected applications for inventory management, order tracking, shipping, CRM, etc. Get rid of the complexity that is slowing you down. Named Singapore best distribution Software company, Winapp IT Solutions software connects and streamlines all your disparate systems and gives you visibility into your customer purchase data so that you can grow your revenue.

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Over the years, we have earned the latest technics of working with different projects.Here are few brands that employed us as a part of their journey..

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As a leading global latest technologies provided, our software and talent solutions work together to deliver transformations.



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Mobile Development

Winapp is more qualified than any other solution providers in Singapore when comes to Mobile App Development in native platform. We analyze customer request and convert into mobile apps. Our mobile apps are build with User Friendly design which results in high User experience.

Web Development

Web is another platform where we have proven experience in building several applications for different industry requirements. Our team is specialized in building Custom Applications by analyzing the User requirements and design the application. We also work with different tools and technology to optimize the web application reach its maximum performance and speed.

Customized App Development

Winapp is very strong and confident in designing and development of Customized application for
different industry. We can convert any manual works done by the User to Digital and increase their productivity by reducing the time taken and errors created by manual works.

QA Testing

Our dedicated testing team is highly experienced for finding the bugs and deliver the application error free to our Customers. Our team will predict the bugs before implementing the solution to the user and by following AJILE methodology.

UI UX Design & Development

Our UI UX team works closely with the Customer to make sure the Customer expectation is fulfilled. Our team has experienced for creating a Brand, Logo, Digital Brochure and other marketing contents. All the design will be made with high resolution and the final output will be of excellence.

Digital Marketing

Our Digital marketing team will be responsible for branding and marketing the Business in Online
Platform by working in different Social Media Platform and Search Engine Optimization. We have a large team to handle the Champaign’s, Advertisement and AdWords. Our team will work on Google Analytics and other tools to generate reports for our Customers.


Wholesale Solution

Warehouse Management System

Mobile Enterprise Solution

Newspaper Tracking Application

Point Of Sale (pos)

E-Procrument (SOS)

Project Management System


We Are Experience in Technologies

We are a technology-driven web and mobile application development company in Singapore with an outstanding reputation for solving clients’ problems and providing best-in-class technology solutions through our service verticals which enable our clients’ businesses to continuously adapt to variable business environments.



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Winapp Mobile Applications

Android / IOS applications are tailor-made to reach top clients who lookout for some standard values and quality in your service/product.
We deliver quality Mobile App Development helps organizations to build a valuable customer base. We are renowned experts in creating Android/iOS applications that are completely personalized and are capable of meeting all the industrial demand as well. Being a speculative Android/iOS App Development company, we make sure to keep updated with technological trends to deliver the best mobile apps that can surpass the preset industrial standards.

Mobile App Development
The revolution made by the mobile app industry in the business world is unimaginable, and it has drastically changed from B2C to B2B sector since its inception. Today, the mobile app is not an option for business organizations, instead, they are a mandated element, that drives assured results. Winapp Solutions is highly aware of the business benefits delivered by mobile apps for enterprises and hence provide the best Mobile development that makes them count their spending on applications.

Our design and development methodologies

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