The Benefits of POS System for Retail

Point of sale


The user interface of our system is very easy to understand and quick, making the transaction process smoother.

Accurate Sales Reporting

Get comprehensive sales reports from every branch in real-time which can be accessed from anywhere.

Improved Customer Retention

Improved customer retention by loyalty program management.

Faster Checkout Process

Due to real time stock list and updates, counter staff can quickly accomplish checkout process.

The Benefits of POS Software

Useful Analytics Data

With centralized data, you can monitor the performance of your business through analytical reports that are easy to understand.

Web-based System

This software can be monitor from anywhere through any hardware which has a internet connection.

All Branches Are Controlled

You can manage all orders and sales from every branch and access or update other essential information in real-time.

Offline/Online Transaction

You can continue to transact without internet connection and the system will synchronize the data once the connection returns.

EzySales Retail App

Appification is the new era of digitization, and customers expect their entire shopping experience to happen within their handy smartphone device that induces different industry players to adapt to the conditions of delivering their service that gets accustomed to smartphone mobiles. We transform your entire retail store into a single and perfect mobile application solution by combining the retail POS software, which helps the retailer to handle their business with their mobility and also create scope to acquire more customers.

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