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B2C is a solution which created a trend in Singapore to do online market for the customer for the public to purchase goods. This solution is suitable to all kind of trading industries who is doing sales in Singapore Market. Our solution has all the functionalities for the customer and end user to have a great online purchase experience. Our Native Mobile App is placed in Play Store and App Store for the user to download and use with a great user experience. We have a strong team for Android and IOS development who have lots of hands on experience in designing and development.

Quality Assured

Winapp can guarantee to the customers that they can get 100% Quality in the solution they purchase from us. Our team will make sure that no bugs or issues can reach Customers after the product is implemented.

Saving Time & Money

Our Solution saves lots of Time by minimizing the time taken to navigate between the Application by guiding the user by giving a rich User Interface. Our Solution is lower in cost but efficient in quality for use.

High User Interface

Our applications are designed in a way where it is responsive to all screen and the clarity is maintained high quality. Our team concentrate to achieve the finest quality by focusing on the finishing of the User Interface.

High Performance

Our team focus on the performance and make sure the app will not crash or slowdown when the End User is accessing the product. We make lots of regression testing to make sure the app will not take too long for huge no of products. We also optimize the application regularly by making necessary actions and make the app up to date.

Latest Technology

We have a research team always available to keep searching for new technology. We analyze and then we implement the new technology in our solution in order to keep the application latest and optimized.

Full Traceability

Track the products that are coming into your warehouse and get notifications when your order is shipped and received.

Easy Backorder Management

You can adjust items delivery and payment from vendors based on how many goods you have received

Controlled Procurement Cost

Procurement cost is more efficient thanks to budgeting and cost center per department or project.

On-time Payment

Automated notification allows you to track unpaid invoices to improve procurement efficiency.

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